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AMD expose more RS780 details

AMD's latest roadmap has revealed some new information about their upcoming RS780 chipset. Common features of the family are PCIe 2.0, DX10 and HT3 support - while the high end RS780 adds support for DisplayPort, UVD and much more.

SuperPi 1MB record returns to Team Japan

The nine second barrier was first broken by a group of Italian overclcokers with a X6800 @ 5620Mhz. Today, user NewBeetle from Team Japan has been entered into the SuperPi 1MB record books with a staggering time of just 8.843s.

3Dmark 06 record busted again: Hipro to blame

Something just didn't sit right when Kinc knocked Shamino's 8800 Ultra's off the top spot with two HD 2900 XT's. A mere few days later, thanks to Hipro, fate has taken its turn and returned the crown to the 8800 Ultra's.

Fusion: a multi-chip package?

AMD have accused Intel various times about chips being claimed native quad/dual-core (Conroe), when they are merely two multiple core chips slapped together (Presler). However, the tables may be turning as The Inquirer beleive that AMD's Fusion will be a multi-chip package.

Kinc busts 3Dmark 06 record… one more time

The number war continues as overclocker Kinc has now snatched the top spot in the 3Dmark 06 hall of fame with an astonishing score of 25,867 points after days of testing.

AMD reveals new desktop platforms

During AMD's Analyst Day presentation, we had a glimpse of what's to come after the current, and next generation platforms. Many new codenames were thrown into play, and it appears that AMD have a strong new breed of platforms awaiting.

AMD show off Agena at 3.0GHz

AMD have dangled some more bait in front of Intel, this time in the form of an Agena CPU operating at 3.0GHz. This comes as a stunt to prove that Agena will actually function at Intel comparable speeds.

Samsung announce 30″ DisplayPort monitor

Samsung are playing their part in helping VESA's DisplayPort gain momentum announcing a new 30" panel sporting a DisplayPort input capable of 10.8Gbps. All we can really add is - watch out DVI!

Dual SSD’s now found in Alienware notebooks

Christmas has come early for notebook users with Alienware adding solid-state drives in RAID 0 as an option in their Area-51 m5550, m9750 and Aurora m9700 notebooks.

AM2+ and AM3 backwards compatible with AM2

After reading that title, my bet is that the majority of you said something like "you little beauty", or perhaps you're in need of a new pair of pants. As The Inquirer reports, socket AM3 and AM2+ CPU's will operate in AM2 boards - something that should have been done long ago.

No Vista service pack “anytime soon”

The release date for the first beta of Vista SP1 has lately been a topic of debate. While no official date has been set, Microsoft have reported that the first public beta will go live "sometime this year" - thanks Microsoft, I'm sure that really helps...

Windows 7: “within roughly three years”

This week during an annual sales conference in Orlando, Microsoft shed some more light on the next version of Windows. Internally code-named Windows 7, Microsoft projected a launch date "within roughly three years" from today.

45nm Core 2 Extreme arriving in Q4

Information compiled by DigiTimes has revealed new information about the dawn of Intel's new 45nm Core 2 Extremes. Prepare for a new generation to take on the Phenoms...

Intel report $8.7 billion quarter revenue

Intel have been knocking AMD about ever since the Core 2 series surfaced, and it's really having its impact on AMD. Shortly before AMD revealed their revenue of $1.378 billion, Intel have shown off their impressive figure of $8.7 billion (USD).

AMD release Q2 revenue: $600 million lost…

Another quarter, more money down the drain - not surprising really. AMD's Q2 revenue results aren't pretty, a net loss of $600 million (USD) was reported and $31 million worth of extinct chips were abandoned.

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