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Nvidia unleash GeForce 8700M GT

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Posted June 14, 2007 by admin in News

Upping the specifications of the 86000M GT, Nvidia’s new mobile boss operates at 625MHz with 32 stream processors. The shader clock has also been increased from 950MHz to 1,250MHz. The GPU’s dedicated memory will go as high as 512MB and be clocked at 800MHz with a 128-bit bus. Nvidia has also added PureVideo HD and PowerMizer technology to the package. The 80nm part is claimed to have a TDP of 35W and be substantially faster than Nvidia’s previous mobile flagship, the Go 7950 GTX.

The GeForce 8700M GT GPU will be available in notebooks from leading partners in North America, Europe, and Asia, including Toshiba, Sager, Prostar, Eurocom, Biohazard, Connoiseur, Cybersystem, Hypersonic, MALIBAL, Multirama, rock, Evesham, Falcon Northwest, Plaisio, XS2, Nexoc, Hyrican, Vigor Gaming, Voodoo PC, and many others.

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