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Microsoft: Vista more secure than Linux, OS X

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Posted June 23, 2007 by admin in News

During Vista’s first six months on the market 10 high-severity vulnerabilities were detected and patched, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Workstation was raided with 40 high-severity bugs, while Mac OS X 10.4 had 18 high-severity rated bugs. Within the first six months of XP’s life, 23 vulnerabilities were rated as high-severity.

According to eWeek, analysts believe that vulnerability counts aren’t the best way to go about things. The full report is available for download (PDF) via Jones’s blog.

The results of the analysis show that Windows Vista continues to show a trend of fewer total and fewer high-severity vulnerabilities at the six-month mark compared to its predecessor product Windows XP (which did not benefit from the SDL) and compared to other modern competitive workstation OSs (which also did not benefit from an SDL-like process)

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