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MacBook Pro gets needed update

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Posted June 6, 2007 by admin in News

The system’s bus speed has been increased from 667MHz to 800MHz namely through the support of Intel’s power saving ‘Santa Rosa’ core CPU’s. The new models are clocked at either 2.2GHz or 2.4GHz with 4MB of shared Level 2 cache. Also included for the first time is Nvidia based GPU’s, going as high as a GeForce 8600M GT. LED-backlit displays are also making their debut in MacBook’s.

Compared to Apple?s first generation, Intel Core Duo-equipped MacBook Pros, the new systems are up to 50 percent faster working in select graphics applications, 57 percent faster in Quake 4 and 53 percent faster in Doom 3. It?s also up to 37 percent faster working in Motion, Apple?s pro video motion graphics software.

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