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iPhone: 19 million people want in

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Posted June 19, 2007 by admin in News

When projected based on the U.S. Census, M:Metrics, a research company that tracks mobile phone use, reported that approximately 19 million people won’t be able to say no to temptation. The survey asked participants to rank on a 1-10 scale how badly they wanted an iPhone – and a shocking 25% of people who ranked seven or higher (or who had a strong interest) said ten.

Apple’s long awaited iPhone will hit retail on the 29th of June (later for the UK) and come with 4GB or 8GB capacities.

An M:Metrics researcher speculated that iPhone purchases may eventually affect sales of digital music players. The survey found that 64 percent of respondents who said they have a strong interest in buying the iPhone already own an MP3 player. That compares with a market average of 30 percent for owners of other music phones. “It will be interesting to see at what rate consumers replace their digital music player with an iPhone,” Paul Goode, a senior analyst with M:Metrics, said in a statement.

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