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Hacked Xbox 360 firmware bypasses Xbox Live bans

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Posted June 2, 2007 by admin in Consoles

Some hacked firmware has been released which is said to side-step “all current, and some future Xbox Live detection attempts,” allowing users to play “backed-up” games on Xbox Live. According to Xbox-Scene, the new firmware boots only ?Stealth Xtreme? created backups.

Unfortunately for some eager users, the new firmware does not re-enable consoles that have already been banned from Xbox Live. Unless you’re feeling rich and buy a new console, I’m afraid you’re left regretting your actions.

Microsoft added the ability in its latest spring dashboard software to detect the running of copied game software. To counteract this new anti-piracy measure, modders released updated disc drive firmware prior to the Xbox update introducing various features, such as disc jitter, in an effort to further the exploit. Such efforts were ineffectual, as consoles running the updated firmware were still being banned.

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