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Computex Day 4: A tale of CPU’s

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Posted June 9, 2007 by admin in News

Among the biggest rumors that have unfolded this year – Intel is supposedly developing a new high-end graphics processor. All companies interviewed have denied this – “It would be big news if it were true, but it’s not real,” said Andrew Wei, graphics product manager at Foxconn. More here.

A brief demonstration over at AMD revealed that Barcelona draws significantly less power than the current lineup of dual core Opterons – 214W under full load vs 259W of current dual-core offerings.

While we’re on the Barcelona topic – DailyTech ran a “Quick and Dirty AMD K10 Cinebench” test on a 1.6GHz Barcelona based system with an nForce 3400 chipset. “Cinebench completed the default benchmark in 27 seconds for the 1.6 GHz K10 and 17 seconds for the Intel Xeon X3220.”

HotHardware have some world exclusive pictures of Intel’s 45nm Penryn Quad-Core CPU’s. “Our source told us that the consumers this system is targeting are not price conscious, so this may very well be one of the most expensive desktop systems Intel has produced in recent years.”

Legit Reviews have coverage of some Cinebench tests conducted on a Penryn-based system. The configurations were Penryn: Duo, Quad and V8. In a rendering test the Duo scored 7,041, the Quad system scored 12,881 and the eight core monster scored 22,936. For kicks they also included a QX6800 which scored 10,408.

And to close the day off – why not have a look at HardwareZone’s pictorial. Another great way to have a peek at what everything looks like this year.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow we’ll have our final day’s coverage and conclusion on Computex 2007.

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