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Computex Day 3: More RD790 boards

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Posted June 8, 2007 by admin in News

To kick things off, VR-Zone has hunted down some pictures of AMD’s Lasso board. Lasso, is an external corssfire solution with its own chipset offering 48 PCIe lanes. The board pictured has two HD 2900 XT’s in crossfire mode.

The naughty guys from HardOCP found a system running Corsair’s DDR3 Dominator sticks running at 2GHz, and naturally couldn’t resist getting out SiSoft Sandra and Orthos to get some early data. Here’s the interesting article…

Some more boards have been spotted featuring AMD’s RD790 chipset – which supports quad-crossfire. ASUS had the M3A32-MVP Deluxe on display, supporting Socket AM2+ and PCIe 2.0. DFI also had their entry on display dubbed the LANPartyUT RD790-M2R.

Another board has been unveiled featuring Intel’s X38 chipset and this time it’s from MSI. The X38 Diamond features everything you’d expect and more. The Inquirer has some photo’s of the board and some additional info here.

PC Perspective have posted an article covering Cases, Cooling and Power Supplies on display. There are endless photos to keep you busy including shots of Coolermaster’s 1250w PSU and some more shots of Zalman’s 3D monitor.

This year, Fudzilla have uncovered many things in their wanderings including a passively cooled 8600GTS from Asus, some shots of PowerColor’s AGP 2400 Pro and 2600Pro and they have some Everest screens of a K10 Barcelona chip.

Over at the Kingmax booth there is a 16GB SD card – yes that’s a whopping 16GB. “Even though this is not the first time we are hearing about 16GB SD cards, it is somewhat cool to see that a cellphone could easily have 16GB storage for pictures, video and multimedia.”

That’s it for today, as usual we’ll have updates for the next two days of the festival. Let’s hope that companies have saved the best till last.

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