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Computex Day 2: Dual GPU’s and QuadFire

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Posted June 6, 2007 by admin in News

AMD’s RD790 chipset has been spotted in a Gigabyte board running four passively cooled HD 2600 XT’s – or in other words quad crossfire. The GA-M790-DQ6 features two PCI and six SATA ports.

Following on from yesterdays dual GPU fiasco – we have another competitor from Sapphire. The dual HD 2600 XT displayed features two cores, each feeds off its own pool of memory. Sapphire has also equipped the card with quad DVI outputs.

Also at Sapphire’s booth is an AGP HD 2600 XT, which we reported about here. The board contains the same specs as the PCIe counterpart. It’s great to see they’re still thinking of us AGP owners.

MSI has a water-cooled HD 2900 XT on display featuring three blocks. “The card runs cool and there is definitely some room for overclocking. We don?t know what will be the final speed of the card but the card should be ready in July time.”

VR-Zone has polished the lens on their camera and taken shots of pretty much every graphics card they could find. A great article for you to get your first glimpse of what it all looks like. While they were at it they also got some shots of all the major memory manufactures booths. Well mostly memory…

Fudzilla had a chat with Mr Orton, Executive Vice President of Visual and Media Businesses at AMD, learning that fusion (CPU/GPU combined) will feature 10% more pins than existing CPU’s. Here’s the inside read.

I’m afraid that’s all the goss we have for Day 2. Until June 9th, keep your eyes peeled for the latest.

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