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Computex 2007: Doors Open

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Posted June 5, 2007 by admin in News

Kingston is showing off some “low-lantency” DDR3 sticks, running at 1375MHz 1.7V. The timings are 7-7-7-20, which for DDR3 are considered low – well compared to other offerings like 9-9-9-24, I suppose they are. The Inquirer has the inside scoop here.

Hexus has a shot of GeCube’s twin GPU HD2600, codenamed GEMINI2. The shot was taken a day before Computex, so we’re hoping someone can hunt down some more shots from Taipei.

Fudzilla had a wander over to Zalman’s booth and tried out their 3D displays. “We looked at it for a while and after the eyes adjust it really looks nice. We don?t know the price but they won’t be cheap.”

Among many manufacturers, Gigabyte has a board on display featuring the high-end X38 chipset. The GA-X38T-DQ6 has two PCIe 2.0, two PCI and three PCIe 1X slots, and should be available around September.

Similar to Gigabyte’s GA-X38T-DQ6 are the DFI X38 DDR2 LANPARTY boards, which feature pretty much everything all the ‘Bearleake’ boards have. VR-Zone has some info about two boards on offer here.

And last but not least, Gigabyte has been showing off their 5.25 inch drive bay called the GO-RAMDISK, which is the successor to last years GC-RAMDISK, which was essentially 4GB of ram used as a hard-disk.

Can anyone else smell Quadfire? – more tomorrow. Computex ends on June 9th, but until then we will keep you up to date with the latest.

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