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AMD to launch 7 series chipsets Q3/Q4

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Posted June 15, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The 7 series consists of 4 new chipsets dubbed the RD790, RX780, RS740 and RS780. The high end RD790 contender supports all of the above. Covering the mainstream segment is the RX780 – no information is currently available about that chip. AMD will be also be releasing two chips with integrated graphics, the RS740 and RS780, one of which supports DX10.

All of the chipsets mentioned will be paired with either an SB600 or SB700 Southbridge. The RX780 and RS740 will launch in the third quarter while the RD790 and RD780 will follow in the fourth quarter.

Expect more information to surface in the coming weeks.

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