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AMD denies plans to go fabless

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Posted June 23, 2007 by admin in News

Analysts started the fire saying “AMD is on the verge of making a transformational move” – implying that AMD would outsource manufacturing to TSMC and possibly sell off part or all of their Dresden, Germany facility. AMD spokesman, Drew Prarie didn’t deny the claim saying that AMD is trying to focus its efforts on developing chips instead of manufacturing them.

AMD’s German division has now made a statement on Golem.de saying that Dresden Fabs 30 and 36 will remain operational.

Dresden remains with respect to the most technologically demanding production of the most innovative products the cornerstone of AMD’s processor manufacturing. In that nothing will change. Different reports are baseless and come completely of the “rumor kitchen.” The same applies to corresponding analyst reports. To make it quite clear: At no moment did we express or think of forgoing our own factories.

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