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AMD announces 9W Sempron 2100+

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Posted June 2, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Compatible with AMD’s M690T chipset, the Sempron 2100+ is said to operate at 1GHz and doesn’t require air cooling, making it the first AMD64 processor officially capable of this. AMD also packages the Sempron 2100+ in a Socket S1 package.

With such a low TDP rating, the Sempron 2100+ gives us an idea of whats to come from AMD.

By expanding our product portfolio with this new, very low power version of the highly successful AMD Sempron processor and extending the temperature support in our Geode line, AMD is delivering on our promise of customer-centric innovation for a range of embedded markets,? said Greg White, vice president, Embedded Computing Solutions Division, AMD. ?You will continue to see AMD offer our embedded customers the products and tools they need to get high performance, very low power products to market quickly.

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