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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Another 8GHz milestone broken

Russian overclocker DeDaL, has pushed a 3GHz Celeron 347 to astounding speeds of 8004MHz - of course, the system was liquid nitrogen cooled which helped the CPU maintain temps of -183C.

Toshiba unveil first AMD based notebooks

Nearly a month since Toshiba announced that they will be ending their Intel exclusive, seven new notebooks have surfaced sporting AMD processors.

Vista exclusive games cracked

Shortly after Microsoft released their so-called "Vista only" games, hackers have already been able to enable the games compatibility with Windows XP.

Seagate enters 1TB market

Seagate's ambition to jump on the one terra-byte bandwagon have finally been met, with the company announcing two new drives - and they're not all catered towards the desktop user...

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