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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Intel prepares to discontinue existing Core 2 Duo’s

In a move to accommodate the upcoming 1333MHz FSB based processors, Intel is planning on discontinuing their E6700, E6600, E6300, E6320 and E6420 processors as well as the X6800 by late 2007.

Office 2003: The end is in sight

After nearly four years on the market, Microsoft have claimed that all OEM versions of Office 2003 will no longer be available from June 30, so get in fast if you're still after an OEM copy.

3Dmark 06 world record broken

Marcus 'Kinc' Hultin and Robert 'Crotale' Kihlberg have been at it again, and walked away with a new 3Dmark 06 world record - not a bad day's work...

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