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Archive for January 28th, 2021

AMD to launch 7 series chipsets Q3/Q4

AMD have announced that they will be launching their 7 series chipests that boast PCIe 2.0, HyperTransport 3.0 and Quad Crossfire support in the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year.

How Gigabyte make motherboards

ExtremeTech have published a very interesting article with a step by step pictorial of how Gigabyte make their motherboards - this is one you can't miss.

Intel announces ‘Yorkfield’ Core 2 Extreme

Intel's latest roadmap has revealed two new intruders to the Core 2 Extreme family - Intel's new flagship 'Yorkfield' CPU's along with a low-end entrant to be placed into the existing Core 2 Duo family.

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