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Barcelona announced, shipping in August

AMD has finally announced their upcoming x86 Quad-Core processor, dubbed Barcelona. According to the Press release, the processor will ship in August and possess clock speeds around 2.0GHz.

Intel ships over one million quad-core Xeon’s

Since introduction in November 2006, Intel have claimed that over one million Xeon 5300 processors have been shipped.

Unique Conroe based Celeron sighted

A new breed of Celerons could be heading our way - InsideHW have found themselves in the presence of a processor that doesn't exist - exciting isn't it!

Radeon HD 2600/2400 launched

Although the market is currently controlled by a green monopoly, AMD are fighting to get their fair share of the mainstream market with the launch of their mid-range HD 2400/2600 models.

Intel X38 will support SLI?

After the question has been thrown back and forth numerous times by Nvidia and unofficial sources, The Inquirer now reports that Intel's X38 chipset will support both SLI and Crossfire.

Another 8GHz milestone broken

Russian overclocker DeDaL, has pushed a 3GHz Celeron 347 to astounding speeds of 8004MHz - of course, the system was liquid nitrogen cooled which helped the CPU maintain temps of -183C.

Toshiba unveil first AMD based notebooks

Nearly a month since Toshiba announced that they will be ending their Intel exclusive, seven new notebooks have surfaced sporting AMD processors.

Vista exclusive games cracked

Shortly after Microsoft released their so-called "Vista only" games, hackers have already been able to enable the games compatibility with Windows XP.

Seagate enters 1TB market

Seagate's ambition to jump on the one terra-byte bandwagon have finally been met, with the company announcing two new drives - and they're not all catered towards the desktop user...

Catalyst 7.6 released

AMD has just rolled out the latest version of their Catalyst display-drivers. Version 7.6 is mainly focussed on the newly released Radeon HD 2900 XT and offers performance improvements of up to 42%.

Single-core Athlons approach extinction

Quoted on DigiTimes, anonymous sources from various motherboard-manufactures have spilled the beans about the extinction of AMD's aging single-core Athlons.

Samsung to mass produce 64GB SSD’s

After Samsung first announced their 64GB solid-state drive back in March, they are now claiming that they will commence mass-production of the drives.

Kinc pushes 2900 XT Crossfire to new heights

Marcus 'Kinc' Hultin has been crunching numbers at Dreamhack for some time now and this year, has set a new 3Dmark 06 record along with a new 3Dmark 05 score of 34,126.

AMD to launch Phenom in November

According to information compiled by DigiTimes - AMD is set to launch its upcoming high-end Phenom (Agena) processors in November this year, along with another outburst in Q1 2008.

Microsoft: Vista more secure than Linux, OS X

In a recent blog entry, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group Security Strategy Director Jeff Jones, has claimed that Vista has had fewer security vulnerabilities over a six month period than Linux and Mac OS X.

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