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Reproducing Blu-Ray / HD DVD discs may become legal?

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Posted May 25, 2007 by admin in News

If movie studios and film companies agree to make this a reality (which is doubtful), “consumers will be able to make a backup copy in case their original disc is damaged and another copy for their home media server,” said Michael Ayers, a representative of an industry group that licenses the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) copy-prevention system.

The licensing agreement is under negotiation between the AACS Licensing Adminstrator, and companies using AACS technology, including Sony, IBM, Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros. and Microsoft. “The idea is that the content companies could charge a premium according to how many copies are allowed”, Ayers said. It still remains a possibility that people would most likely abuse this, resulting in some lucky friends getting some free movies, which technically would qualify as low-volume piracy.

On the technology side, a system of servers, run by the studios or third parties, could enable the authorization of copies. Newly-minted discs could be prevented from further copying by employing DRM technology from companies such as Microsoft, Ayers said. AACS LA is now working out what rights studios and film companies would have under the complex licensing agreement. ?We are optimistic that the studios will see this as a benefit that will drive sales,? Ayers said.

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