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Radeon HD 2000 series for AGP?

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Posted May 22, 2007 by admin in News

According to an article posted by the Inquirer, AMD partners such as Sapphire, GeCube and HIS are planning to offer a number of AGP based boards featuring the RV610 and RV630 core. Similar to Nvidia’s HSI chip, AGP based boards will be made possible by AMD’s RIALTo bridge chip which in theory enables the GPU to communicate with the AGP bus.

The low-end entry, dubbed the HD 2400Pro will feature either 128MB or 256MB of DDR2 memory at 800Mhz, the memory also settles for a 64bit memory interface. The RV610 core is clocked at 525MHz and packs on board 40 Stream Processors.

Based on the RV630, the HD 2600Pro features anywhere between 128 and 512MB of GDDR-3 memory clocked at 1GHz. The core itself is clocked at 600Mhz.

Moving onto the flagship of this AGP fairytale, we find the HD 2600XT including 256MB to 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 1.4Ghz. Like the 2600Pro, the memory operates on a 128-bit memory controller. Core clocks remain the same as the PCI-e counterpart. Funny enough, this board features a 6-pin power connector due to the AGP port not being able to feed the card enough juice. This allows for more overclocking headroom than the PCI-e version, which doesn’t include the external power source.

So, don’t waste your Barton 2500+@2.53GHz or P4 2.40@3.36GHz, there is hope for you guys yet. This card should give you enough wind in the back to get you to the time of affordable Phenom X4/X2 or Core2 Quad processors.

All three boards mentioned above are said to support AGP 4x and 8x. If these rumors one day turn out to be correct, us AGP owners will have an excuse to keep our rigs longer than expected.

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