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R600: A worrying prediction

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Posted May 15, 2007 by admin in News

The AIB’s have had a tough time for many months now due to all the R600 delays and a hugely successful and on time 8800 series sapping away ATI market share. But now R600 is finally here it unfortunately has failed to make much impact on end users and so this difficult trend for those AIB?s looks set to continue.

While many may like to kid themselves by putting their faith in the rumoured 65nm HD2900 XTX with 1GB GDDR4 and heavily clocked core, I think it’s time to accept that R600 in the high end has failed, is massively late and is not going to sell well without heavy price cuts.

The performance of the 8600 series is so very clear now, NVIDIA believe they have no serious competition, and if this turns out to be correct?it should worry all end users regardless of budget. While I wait in anticipation of the HD2600 cards, if they don’t perform well a green clouded monopoly will form, and NVIDIA are not the type of company you want monopolising a market, even if we are just talking the next 6-7 months. In fact that statement?rings true for any company, but the boys in green will certainly milk the situation with precision if AMD’s offerings continue to under achieve. The 8800 Ultra is a perfect example of what we can expect if it happens.

At the end of the day, whether you passionately support AMD or not, without them it?s the end users wallets that will suffer in the high end, and in the low end, expect sub performing products, ala 8600 series.

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