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PhysX gets an excuse to live

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Posted May 9, 2007 by admin in Gaming

If you happen to own a PPU (physics processing unit) the new CellFactor is the game for you. Artificial Studios pledged to offer a full version of CellFactor this spring, and that claim appears to have finally arrived with the game now available for download.

If you don’t own a physics card, or for some reason you’re unable to take the game for a spin, you can check out PC Perspective’s review. They provide a dozen screenshots and videos of what PhysX can actually do.

In CellFactor: Revolution, gamers can manipulate an immense amount of objects simultaneously, control vehicles and fight against AI-controlled enemies. Up to 8 players can play in the LAN game play modes. The multiplayer modes ? death match, team death match, assault and capture the flag ? are also playable with one human and up to 10 AI-controlled characters.

CellFactor: Revolution is exactly what Ageia needs to give them a push on their uphill battle to changing the game industry.

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