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Barcelona gets a speed boost

AMD claim they have had a major breakthrough in the manufacturing of Barcelona, (AMD's upcoming quad core solution) enabling speed boosts of 400MHz.

A64 3000+ overclocked 100%

MadShrimps have managed to squeeze out a 100% overclock out of an old Athlon 64 3000+.


Image Quality – ATI vs. NVIDIA

How do the current GPU's differ in terms of image quality and how much importance should this have on choosing a GPU? We take a look.

Radeon HD 2600 / 2400 details unveiled

DailyTech have gotten their hands on some new details about the value end of AMD's new lineup.

Asus prepares ‘Bearlake’ motherboards

Joining the array of 'Bearlake' motherboards, Asus is keen to show of three new boards featuring Intel's P35 chipset.

Microsoft and Yahoo talk merger

Hot on the heels of Google's acquisition of DoubleClick, Microsoft and Yahoo are in talks over a possible merger - analysts say it's a game of not if, but when.

HIS Radeon HD 2900XT leaked

It seems that the full product page for the HIS Raedon HD 2900XT was accidentally uploaded to the HIS website, the page has since been removed - but that ain't gonna stop us from seeing it.

CPU-Z 1.40 released

CPU-Z is an enthusiast's dream, allowing users to monitor every detail about their processor, motherboard, chipset and memory.

New Santa Rosa notebooks from Asus

Lenovo and Sony have already announced a new range of notebooks featuring Intel's "Santa Rosa" core, and now joining them is Asus.

AMD to drop “Athlon” name

When we hear the word "Athlon" we think of high end AMD parts, but now we must bid farewell and meet Phenom - AMD's new high end moniker.

MSI readies “Bearlake” motherboards

Intel's upcoming Bearlake chipset is something we'll see a lot of in the coming months, Gigabyte has already announced a series of new boards and now joining them is MSI.

GeForce 8800 Ultra launched

The long awaited 8800 Ultra has been released and benchmarked, but with only minor improvements since the GTX, is it all worth it?

Hardware review roundup [01-05-07]

Recent hardware reviews from around the web, something for everyone.

Call Of Duty 4 trailer leaked

A trailer of Activision's upcoming Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare has been released for public download. At 68MB the trailer shows roughly a minute of edited footage from the game.

Gigabyte prepares DDR3 motherboards

Gigabyte is preparing its next generation "Ultra Durable 2" series motherboards featuring Intel's "Bearlake" family of chipsets, and DDR3 support.

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