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Archive for July, 2020

Rewritable Blu-Ray and HD DVD media coming Q3

Competing with other companies such as CMC Magnetics, Taiwanese disc maker Ritek plans to start mass producing rewritable Blu-Ray as well as HD DVD discs in the third quarter.

Dell introduces XPS 720 H2C gaming desktop

Dell has redefined the reality of overclocking releasing the XPS 720 H2C, which is aimed at the enthusiast gamer. Featuring SLI DX10 graphics and a quad core processor, this rig means business.

OCZ release DDR3 modules

Joining other leading competitors like SuperTalent and Corsair, memory manufacturer OCZ has added a new addition to their gold series releasing two new DDR3 modules.

PS3 firmware 1.80 released

The latest firmware update for the PS3 has arrived, but can it help boost the falling consoles sales...

IBM release Power6 processor

Five years in development, IBM has unveiled the Power6 processor, which doubles the speed of its predecessor, the Power5.

Sapphire leak HD 2900 XTX information

Sapphire Technology have silently added the unannounced Radeon HD 2900 XTX into the list of boards in which they plan to offer to clients.

Intel ‘Bearlake’ P35 and G33 official debut

Today we find a small array of motherboard reviews featuring Intel's P35 and G33 express chipsets, but are they what we were expecting...

LED notebooks from HP in Q3

Hewlett-Packard is putting a new spin on things, being supposedly working on two notebooks with LED displays, and no - we're not talking LED backlighting, but rather a full LED display.

Radeon HD 2000 series for AGP?

Word on the street is that some low-end models of the Radeon HD 2000 series could unexpectedly make an appearance supporting the nine life AGP format.

Ubisoft: PlayStation 3 is too expensive

Yves Guillemot, chief executive of Ubisoft, Europe's second-largest game publisher, says the PS3 is too overpriced to compete with rivals Nintendo and Microsoft.

Dell announce ‘DisplayPort ‘ LCD monitors

Being recently approved as an industry standard, DisplayPort is well on its way to phasing out DVI and other display standards. With that said, Dell is without hesitation to announce a new LCD monitor featuring the new optical connector.

AMD’s mobile future leaked

Some early details have emerged about 'Puma' and 'Griffin', AMD's next generation mobile platform and processor.

Halo 3 officially released on September 25

Hours before the Halo 3 multilayer beta was unveiled to Xbox Live, Microsoft has announced the official release date for the highly anticipated Halo 3.

PowerDVD adds support for NVIDIA’s PureVideo 2

PowerDVD adds support for NVIDIA's PureVideo 2.

Modified Xbox 360 consoles banned from Xbox Live

The latest Xbox 360 system software update appears to detect bootleg games and ban users from Xbox Live.

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