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Nintendo devises their comeback

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Posted May 28, 2007 by admin in Consoles

Nintendo’s portable DS console has recently dominated the market, and continues to outsell Sony?s PlayStation Portable. On the other hand, Nintendo’s Wii continues to dominate the current generation console sales leaving the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a cloud of dust. ?We have about 25 people call or stop in asking about the Wii every day,? the clerk at an EB Games retail store said on Tuesday night. ?When we get a few units they just disappear. It?s almost like people are camped out waiting.?

Nintendo’s sales are sure to jump even higher when the firm release their three highly anticipated games of the year – Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the latest version of Super Smash Brothers for Wii.

“Only twice has one company simultaneously had the No. 1 new hardware console, the No. 1 portable console, the No. 1-selling game and been the No. 1 overall software publisher,? Fils-Aime said. The first time was Nintendo in the ?80s. The second time is Nintendo now.?

Nintendo’s current dominance in the market is probably due to expanding the market and appealing to everyone else. Both the Wii and DS offer new types of user interaction with games, similar to Sony’s EyeToy – something that is non existent in the market. Nintendo is also appealing to women releasing games like Nintendogs and Brain Training. The Wii’s motion sensitive wand takes gamers away from things such as lower graphical abilities than other modern day consoles. Fils-Aime contends that the latest pixel-shader technology just isn?t that important to most everyday players.

Fils-Aime also thinks that Sony and Microsoft have overshot the mark in making futuristic high-definition media systems. ?Look, it seems like every household has that one techie who can figure out how to connect the DVD player to the TV and the PC to all the other devices in the home and so on. But everyone else in the home just wants to turn the thing on and have it work. And I think the consumer electronics industry needs to recognize that. That?s what Apple got so right with the iPod. There were plenty of MP3 players out there, but Apple came along with a product you could just pick up and play. And that?s what we think we got right with the Wii.?

?We don?t consider just Sony and Microsoft our main competitors,? Mr. Fils-Aime said. ?If people decide to stay home on a Saturday night playing Wii bowling instead of going to the movies, we win. If people spend 22 minutes making their perfect Mii instead of watching a sitcom, we win.?

If you’re after a great read, you can find the original article here at The New York Times.

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