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Intel shows off 0.7″ thick notebook

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Posted May 26, 2007 by admin in News

BusinessWeek say the “The only notebook design expected to come out of Intel this year?was first showcased at an Intel Developer Forum in Beijing in April, but designers gave BusinessWeek.com an exclusive, up-close look at the technology and ideas behind the project. If manufactured and sold on a wide scale, the creation could have a lasting impact on computer design, use, and marketing.”

The notebook isn’t low on features, Intel have managed to squeeze in a secondary LCD display embedded into the back of the main display shell, a fingerprint reader, a noise-cancelling microphone and light sensors that adjust the screen’s brightness. The laptop also strives to become a fashion accessory by being available in a folder that attaches to the laptop via magnets (pictured, right). The folder also functions as a wireless charger for the device and features a clear window so you can see the notebook’s extra screen, which can display pictures, the calendar, or your schedule for the day. “Increasingly, women are often the decision makers, particularly with high-end purchases,” says Richard Shim, an analyst with IDC. “More and more companies are starting to pay more attention to the female market segment.”

According to BusinessWeek, the Metro prototype “may line the shelves of a retailer before long.” Intel hasn’t announced an official release date yet, but the magazine claim that “people familiar with the matter” say manufacturing could commence later this year.

Of course, whatever version of the computer makes it to market may not include all these features. And if it does, it’s not clear the machine will be available at the right price. For Intel, “price was not a concern,” says Bob Sweet, account director at Ziba. The same can’t be said for PC manufacturers, whose margins are under pressure.

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