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IBM release Power6 processor

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Posted May 23, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Claimed by IBM to be “the fastest microprocessor ever built,” the Power6 features two cores, each running at a 4.7GHz – that’s two and a half times faster than the previous generation Power5. The Power6 also has double the bandwidth and offers four times as much cache (8MB) as the Power5. Manufactured on a 65nm process, IBM said the chip “doubles the speed of the previous generation Power5 while using nearly the same amount of electricity to run and cool it.”

Simultaneously launched with the Power6 is IBM’s new server, the “System p 570”. According to IBM the new server “claims the No.1 spots in the four most widely used performance benchmarks for Unix servers ? SPECint2006, SPECfp2006, SPECjbb2005 and TPC-C” – this is a first for a single system.

IBM?s new 2- to 16-core server also offers three times the performance per core of the HP Superdome machine, based on the key TPC-C benchmark. The processor speed of the POWER6 chip is nearly three times faster than the latest HP Itanium processor that runs HP?s server line. Even more impressive, the processor bandwidth of the POWER6 chip ? 300 gigabytes per second — could download the entire iTunes catalog in about 60 seconds ? 30 times faster than HP?s Itanium.

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