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GeForce 8800 Ultra launched

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Posted May 3, 2007 by admin in News

Nvidia has clocked the Ultra’s core at 612MHz and the memory at 2.16GHz, for reference the 8800GTX was clocked at 576MHz core and 1.8GHz memory. These minor increments have hopefully been compensated for by the increased shader clock speeds, which now stands at 1.5GHz. Aside from the insignificant clock speed increases, there is still 768MB of video memory attached via 384-bit wide memory bus.

Nvidia claims that the 8800 Ultra performs an average of 10 to 15% faster than the GeForce 8800 GTX, across a wide range of top games and applications. With that said, one of the problems with the 8800 Ultra is its price, which makes it difficult to recommend it to anyone. Hopefully you can make up your own mind if it’s worth it or not after reading some reviews from around the web. So far we have reviews from the following sites.

Bit-Tech HardOCP HardwareZone HotHardware LegitReviews TechReport

The GeForce 8800 Ultra will hit public stores on May 15th.

The definitive gaming platform is built around the fastest components available and today there is no disputing those components include the GeForce 8800 Ultra GPU and an NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI-ready motherboard. The graphics industry evolves extremely quickly and it is quite an achievement when you can leapfrog your own performance milestones in succession like we have done with these GeForce 8 Series GPUs.

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