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Dell announce ‘DisplayPort ‘ LCD monitors

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Posted May 19, 2007 by admin in Displays

The industry’s video display standards group, VESA, recently approved DisplayPort 1.1 as an industry standard, marking a significant milestone for the interest group and all the companies involved. Now, a company called Luxtera has received the go-ahead from VESA to develop DisplayPort technologies using CMOS photonics. Luxtera is hoping that its development into the DisplayPort standard will help replace copper cables with optical ones as the medium for transferring high-bandwidth digital video signals.

At a business strategy meeting, Dell demonstrated what they call the next generation in LCD displays, a prototype LCD panel based on DisplayPort. The screen is only half an inch thick, the panel also incorporates inbuilt speakers and a microphone with all the audio and video signals being sent through a single DisplayPort cable. Dell claim the panel will support 4x the current HDTV resolutions, and allow you to daisy chain multiple monitors rather than installing them in a star configuration.

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