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AMD’s mobile future leaked

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Posted May 19, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

To be supposedly launched in the second half of 2008, AMD’s 65nm Griffin processor is a dual-core chip with each core featuring 1MB of dedicated L2 cache, for reference the current mobile flagship is 512KB for each core. Another feature included in Griffin is improved HyperTransport 3 technology, allowing three times the I/O bandwidth currently offered with AMD’s mobile processors. It also allows the processor and northbridge to operate at different frequencies, a maximum 75% of the processors speed to be exact.

The cores, Steinman said, will be built on separate power planes, which will help conserve power and increase notebook battery life by allowing each core to scale clock speed independently, reducing power consumption when not under heavy loads. Griffin chips will also feature a revised integrated memory controller, which will improve DRAM (dynamic RAM) efficiency, and will also operate on its own power plane for additional reductions in power.

Puma, which includes Griffin and AMD’s next-generation RS780 chipset features HyperFlash (similar to Intel TurboMemory) which incorporates flash memory in the system to boost performance. PowerXpress is also included allowing the system to switch between discrete and integrated graphics (without rebooting) depending on whether the system is charging or not.

Puma may well be a stepping stone towards AMD’s fusion technology, which incorporates both the CPU and GPU in the one piece of silicon, but we shouldn’t worry about that until its launch in 2009.

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