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65nm RV630 – hands on

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Posted May 12, 2007 by admin in News

Looking like an X1800XL, the PCB is suprisingly long, much longer than a 8600GTS in fact. The card lacks any 6 pin or 4 pin molex connectors, it also follows the midrange 128bit memory interface fab. The board the Inquirer had was clocked at 799.84 MHz for the GPU and 2.2GHz for the memory. Before I continue, or rather you get your hopes up, let’s see where the guy’s luck ended.

Sadly, it seems that software part did not get along well with the drivers in hand. We have tried on several different hardware configurations, both Windows XP and Vista – but to no avail. Drivers were not stable at all, and BSODs were often as rain in Blighty. Even though we had several different drivers, such as 8.31, 8.34, 8.37 and so on – we just could not get this thing to complete a single benchmark, especially favourites like synthetic 3DMark05 and 06.

Bummer, we’ll just have to wait for some more benchmarks to appear sometime before the cards launch, which is currently said to be in late June.

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