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Archive for March 5th, 2021

Halo 2 Vista arriving on May 31

The ridiculously long-awaited launch of Halo 2 for PC (yes 2, not 3) has been pushed back and forth over the last few days, but it looks promising that Microsoft has settled on a date, about time too.

Flexible OLED display from Sony

Sony has done a world first, announcing a flexible organic LED display capable of displaying 16.7 million colours - the last flexible display was from Samsung, which was only capable of displaying 262,000 colours.

More AMD ‘Griffin’ details emerge

Japanese site PC Watch, has published quite a lot of information about AMD's Griffin processor, not to mention how many slides they have somehow gotten their hands on.

Intel shows off 0.7″ thick notebook

Intel has revealed the worlds thinnest noteboook, which is just 0.7 inch's (18mm) thick. Co-designed by Intel engineers and Ziba Design, the prototype pictured weighs in at 1.02kg.

Radeon HD 2900 XT lacks UVD

AMD's Radeon HD 2900 XT has become a victim of controversy, which is apparent due to the next generation card lacking AMD?s Universal Video Decoder (UVD) - a feature highlighted in AMD's roadmaps.

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