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Archive for March 5th, 2021

Folding@Home on Xbox – a possibility

Since Sony enabled Folding@Home on the PS3, the console has already contributed more than half of the total processing power of Folding@home. With that said, Microsoft has had a look at the possibilities of a client on the Xbox360.

Microsoft: Original Xbox is graphically superior to Wii

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft?s entertainment division, recently claimed that the original Xbox system is graphically superior to Nintendo's Wii.

Intel launches ‘Santa Rosa’

Desperate notebook users rejoice as 'Santa Rosa' enters the wild - ready to be pushed, tweaked, overclocked and - well, use your imagination.

New mobile GPU’s from Nvidia

Simultaneously launched with Intel's Santa Rosa - Nvidia have pulled the wraps of their new GeForce 8 series mobile lineup .

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