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Wikipedia available on CD

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Posted April 26, 2007 by admin in News

The goal is to extend Wikipedia to those with limited or no Internet access. The CD will be mainly oriented towards geography, literature and other topics that aren’t likely to need updating. With all the foul mouth edited out, the Wikipedia CD is said to appeal to teachers worried about displaying pages that might contain foul language at any given moment.

Plenty of people do not have Internet access. They have a computer and no Internet, or just a slow Internet connection, said Martin A. Walker, the Wikipedia volunteer who helped coordinate the project. There are many times when you may be offline anyway. You may be at a camp or something like that.

The CD is available through the project’s web site, wikipediaondvd.com. Wikipedia may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves with a false domain name. The project is on CD not DVD, so don’t be fooled.

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