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Archive for June, 2020

Ultra-Mobile Core 2 Duo’s in the works

Intel is preparing its new ultra-mobile Core 2 Duo's for life in the wild.

Dual-Core Opterons hit 3.0Ghz

AMD are ramping up the clock speed on their dual-core Opterons pushing the 3.0Ghz boundary.

AMD: We can ship R600 today, just didn’t feel like it…

Some bizzarre comments coming from AMD lately, here are?the details.

Financial trouble at AMD

According to an article publshed today, AMD will face some finacial troubles over the next few quarters.

Samsung launches SpinPoint hard drives

Samsung continues to dominate the storage market with a new series of quiet hard drives.

QX6800 coming next week

Were all in for a surprise next week. Intel's latest quad-core processor the QX6800 will be unexpectedly floating around the corner.

R600 has integrated sound?

Some more reasons to drool over the R600 have arisen.

Critical security update for Microsoft OS’s

If automatic updates hasen't already done so you might want to pay Microsoft a visit and download the latest security patches for Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP and Vista.

GPGPU from AMD, Nvidia and Intel

GPGPU vs. CPU will no doubt be the war of 2008-9 but what actully does it all mean? On with the quotes.

Lite-On, Phillips merger

Lite-On and Phillips have announced an optical drive joint venture as of the 1st of May.

OCZ launch PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Series with heatpipe cooling

OCZ today announced a new top end model to the Reaper series.

Scythe announce Katana 2 CPU cooler

Today Scythe?have announced the succesor to there low(ish) cost Katana CPU Cooler, ingeniously named the Katana 2!

Thermaltake launch Cyclo fan series

Thermaltake have been rather busy lately, launching lots of products, and today comes the Cyclo Series of? fan designed with performance and style in mind.

AMD confirms future AGP support

Nvidia may have some troubles making a bridge chip for its G8x series of cards, but AMD is quite the opposite confirming future AGP support for its R600 generation GPU's.

nForce 650i Ultra makes an appearance

The range of nForce boards are slowly hotting up with the introduction of the new low-end 650i Ultra.

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