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Hitachi launches 1TB hard drive

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Posted April 5, 2007 by admin in News

Featuring four 250GB platters and ten heads the drive operates at 7200RPM with a 32MB data buffer. Hitachi claims that the drive has 8.5ms read seek time, 9.2ms write seek time and a 1070Mb/s data transfer rate.

Currently the 1TB Deskstar only ships to Japan. Costing around $399 US the drive is quite expensive compared to Seagate’s 750GB Barracuda which only costs $249 US.

Hitachi?s 1TB hard disk drive indisputably represents a milestone in desktop storage, as only ten years ago the world?s most capacious hard disk drive was 16.7GB IBM Deskstar, whereas 1GB landmark in desktops was achieved in 1995. But, it appears, end-users will have to pay a significant premium to acquire the product that reached 1TB milestone.

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