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Galaxy announce an 8600 ‘GE’

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Posted April 30, 2007 by admin in News

Galaxy have taken the 8600 GT, replaced the 1.4ns memory chips for 1.0ns chips and increased the clocks to 650 Mhz on the core, and 2.0 GHz on the memory –?thats identical to the 8600 GTS bar 25 MHz on the core.

Sounds like a GTS, no? But you would be mistaken, for this is an 8600 GT PCB (shorter than a GTS) and it still lacks a PCI-E socket. It is for all intent and purpose a revamped 8600 GT.

The benefit here is that Galaxy should be able to undercut the RRP of the 8600 GTS, but offer pretty much identical performance, so for those looking for a performance bargain, keep an eye out for this one.

And in case you’re wondering, ‘GE’ stands for Galaxy Edition.

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