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DDR3 delays due to shortages

Posted April 12, 2007 by admin in News

The expected timings for DDR3 where looking to be around the 5-5-5 mark at the new 1333 Mhz standard, but due to the above, the most popular and available modules may be CL8 — not exactly an enthusiasts dream.

Instead of DDR3-1333 CL6, which was anticipated as a good bargain knowing it’d run at 1.6 volts, we may have it at noticeably slower CL8. Those who want DDR3-1600 speed levels may have to, for the first time, endure CAS latency in double digits – how does CL10 sound? To me, kinda awful.

Due to the DDR3 shortage in this initial period, don’t be surprised to see the first batch of X38-based boards by Intel and others to come bundled with a pair of DDR3 DIMMs – I just hope the fastest ones will be in there. There is no official comment by any of the mobo vendors on this yet.

So DDR2 may have a more prosperous ’07 than expected, with 1333MHz 5-5-5 modules already on the cards to fill the void.


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