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Arctic Cooling release statement regarding police visit

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Posted April 20, 2007 by admin in News

For those of you not aware of the situation at Arctic Cooling, check the Inquirer story here, it outlines how after power struggle at the top, and a few sackings, the Hong Kong office experienced a police visit.

Arctic Cooling have just released a statement on the matter:

Hong Kong, 20.04.2007 — On 11th April 2007, a former director of the company made a surprise visit to Arctic Cooling (HK) Limited (?AC HK?) with his mother and the police in order to pressurize the management to let himenter the office. Apparently, a false claim regarding entitlement to directorship of AC HK was made with the police and to avoid the least disruption caused to its operation, AC HK had to give in. On the other hand, AC HK took immediate step to seek legal advice and clarify with the police. On 16th April 2007, the same former director tried the same trick to gain access to the office of AC HK butthe police being fully briefed refused to get involved or provide any assistance. From reliable sources, it is believed AC HK has filed a law suit to seek redress against this former director. In fact, the same former director had been removed as a director of Arctic Cooling Switzerland AG (the mother company) in October 2006 prior to his removal in Hong Kong, but interestingly that removal was never disputed.

An article was written and published in the Inquirer web site about what happened to AC HK on 11th April 2007. Rumor has it there is a malicious plot behind to further injure AC HK. Nonetheless, AC HK has been able to continue gearing up for its bright future with Mr. Peter Jankowski and Mr. David Shing recently joining the team. Its financial muscle with strong cash flow will also help take AC HK through the turbulence.

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