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AMD: We can ship R600 today, just didn’t feel like it…

Posted April 5, 2007 by admin in News

X-bit Labs recently spoke with Henri Richard, the sales chief at Advanced Micro Devices, who stated they (AMD) could have released R600 "anytime", but decided it would be best to wait until they could offer a full range from low to high…

There’s also other questionable news allegedly coming from AMD that the 65nm R600 rumoured to be in the works is false and that we should all expect 80nm parts for a long time to come.

So what’s true??In all honesty I’m highly?suspicious of both, the first reads like a desperate attempt to convince god knows who that delaying R600 was somehow a positive?step for ATI and it’s image, the second is simply suspicious because I’m starting to distrust what they say, period.

In the 65nm rumours, it?was made apparent that AMD would start off at 80nm and quickly move to 65nm, so who would buy the 80nm knowing this? Well everyone would if the 65nm rumours?were, say,?denied by AMD. I hope?for their sake they are being honest at present, because if 65nm R600 shows up within 90 days…

Of course, it could all be another Inquirer blunder.


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