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65nm R600 is real

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Posted April 11, 2007 by admin in News

Recently AMD have been?flushing a few poor lines out to the press, one of which was that the 65nm R600 was not actually on the cards, period, even though logic dictated otherwise. This made a certain news reporter (me) rather annoyed, naughty AMD.

The report suggests, and rightly so, that ATI have cocked up R600 -?it simply runs too hot and?has the damning potential to cause?grid?failure in the state of California. R650 reduces the power requirements by as much as 100W, bringing it?back down to Earth,?and a tidy?lengh?away from the Equator.

Another interesting statement in the same article is that with AMD now backing ATI, they are going to cause a pricewar with Nvidia, only time will tell.

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