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Galaxy announce an 8600 ‘GE’

Galaxy today have announced a new card to its range, an 8600 GT which is almost identical to an 8600 GTS, but called the GE, confused? Allow me to explain...

XFX using subliminal marketing against EVGA?

Apparently the 8600 packaging currently being used by XFX has the word EVGA being devoured in the jaws of a rabid beast.

Gigabyte lose $5 Million in Fraud

A Regional manager at Gigabyte China, Chang Chaosong has lost the company a substantial amount of money by using Gigabyte as the guarantor for a personal loan of $5 million without permission.

New Nvidia nTune released

Desperate Nvidians can now pop over to the Nvidia website and download the newly released nTune

Nintendo to boost Wii production

A mere two days after we reported that the Wii drought will continue to 2009, Nintendo have announced they will bump up production of the Wii to meet demand.

Hardware review roundup [27-04-07]

Latest hardware reviews from our friends around the web.

Intel Xeon “V8” Sneak Peek

Back in January at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Intel showed off a rig equipped with two quad core Xeons. HotHardware have now managed to get their hands on the parts used by Intel and have built a similar rig.

Sony reveals “Eye” camera for PS3

One thing that currently drives the console world is new kinds of user interaction with games. Sony's PS2 is now handing all its "Eye Toy" glory over to the PS3 with the new "Playstation Eye".

Wii shortages until 2009?

Nintendo's Wii will no doubt continue to lead the current generation console sales but will supplies be an issue?

Vista betas to expire on May 31

On May 31, all pre-release betas and release candidates of Windows Vista will expire.

Wikipedia available on CD

Since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to more than 1.7 million articles and has now been announced to be available on a CD with around 2000 selected articles.

Halo 3 gameplay leaked

A video has appeared online showing seven minutes of fresh Halo 3 gameplay.

HD 2900XT benchmarked

Some early benchmarks of the HD 2900XT have appeared from the guys over at Daily Tech.

Dell adds SSD’s to Latitude notebooks

Joining Sony and Fujitsu, Dell is offering 32GB Sandisk solid-state drives on selected Latitude notebooks.

“Santa Rosa” based Lenovo notebooks in May

Due to hit stores in May, Lenovo have announced a new range of ThinkPads featuring Intel's "Santa Rosa" platform.

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