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Thermaltake launch the MaxOrb cooler

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Posted March 13, 2007 by admin in Cooling

It will support all mainstream and high performance processors (Intel LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2/940/939/754). Thermaltake claim that the ‘Radial Heat-Transfer Technology’ not only allows heat to be dissipated at a faster rate, but also decreases the pressure buildup around fan blades to minimize noise output, and that air channels created by radial fins also directs airflow to surrounding components for added cooling.

Enthusiasts are looking for total cooling solution for their systems,? said Dicky Liu, senior thermal engineer of Thermaltake. ?The new developed Radial Heat-TransferTM Technology not only cools the CPU, it also cools the VRM around the CPU socket to enhance system performance.

The MaxOrb has 6 independent heatpipes to evenly distribute heat to all attached fins and and 110mm blue LED fan with VR fan control function gives user full control over the fan speed. Thermaltake also claim a mirror finished copper base, let’s hope so!

Check the product page.

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