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Archive for June, 2020

Registry “hack” postpones the need to activate Vista

This has got to be the worst possible?security flaw to Vista's activation process yet discovered...

ISP’s may be selling your web clicks

Market research has hit new heights (or lows) with the news that ISP's may be selling the clickstream data of it's users to the higest bidder.

Sony joins Folding@Home

Sony PS3 owners will soon be able to experience Stanfords's Folding@home project.

Razer’s Robert Krakoff on ‘lefties’

With the recent addition of the right-hand only Deathadder to Razers line-up, dethroning the Copperhead as their top performance mouse, I worrying started to ponder what direction they were heading hereon with respect to all us lefties out there...

Rock’s LCD TV with integrated computer: Meivo

Rock, the high performance notebook manufacturer, today announced it is expanding its portfolio and responding to consumer demand for smarter technology by launching meivo, a brand new LCD TV with an integrated computer.

Commodore back and gaming!

Legendary computer makers commodore has chosen Cebit to launch its new gaming range...

Nvidia’s Geforce 8600 revealed

Nvidia has announced some details for the Geforce 8600 series GPU's, which will be positioned squarely as mid-range Directx10 enabled offerings.

802.11n (wifi) Draft 2 approved!

Today the 802.11 committee ratified the second draft of the new 802.11n specification for wireless access.

Revised Core 2 Duo details (Conroe)

Intel is preparing its first upgrade of the Conroe architecture.

Mushkin Release 4GB overclocking Kits

For those of you eyeing up 4GB dual channel kits at present (that should take about 5 minutes) Mushkin today have announced two new products to their high performance memory line up that are bound to take your fancy.

Intel Quad-core price cuts looming

We just reported on AMD's next-gen quad-core chips slated for Q3 2007, yet it appears Intel is ready and waiting with some major quad-core price cuts for the same month.

AMD’s next-gen processors

Some information has cropped up regarding AMD's next-gen processor, formerly known as K8L. These are the ones which should be competitive to Core 2's.

Super Talent announce solid state disk drives

It seems CeBIT will be the launch pad for solid state hard drives, and the second to accounce drives of this nature is Super Talent, with a full range of Solid State Disk (SSD) drives with the Serial ATA interface.

OCZ announce 1010 Watt GameXStream

With CeBIT just around the corner, expect 1,000,010 new product press releases...

OCZ today have announced the addition of an oddly rated '1010W' power supply to the GameXStream family.

Solid state hard drives in 2008

Solid state hard?drives have been around for quite some time from the likes of BitMicro, but at extortionate prices. This year at CeBIT, TeamGroup, a relative newcomer to the high performance memory scene is planning to show off some new drives with?the top end model sporting 128GB capacity.

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