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AMD prepares price cuts

From April 9 expect to see price cuts on all of AMD's desktop processors.

HD DVD price cuts

Leading HD DVD player manufactorer Toshiba are cutting over $100 off all their 2nd generation players.

Nvidia’s new mobile GPU

Nvidia are preparing to launch its new Geforce Go8000 GPU for Laptops.

IBM claim cooling breakthrough

IBM has come up with an improved method of attaching chips to their heatsinks that can significantly enhance thermal efficiency.

Arctic Cooling show R600 cooler

Arctic cooling have been showing off a prototype GPU cooler for both the 8800 and R600 cards, and as you?d expect, it?s a monster!

CeBIT rivalry bug bites again

I love these little stories you hear about at trade shows :) Last year it was Nvidia and ATI who almost fought it out to the death, this year it was Corsair and OCZ.

Xbox 360 refresh coming?

In a magazine, Game Informer, information has surfaced about a new black Xbox 360 sporting a 120GB HDD, matching black accessories, HDMI output and HDMI cable for approximately $479.

20x DVD burners SOON!

Samsung are set to bring the world 20x DVD burners in the fourth quarter of 2007. Prices are set to come in at around £20.53(+VAT) or around the $39.99 mark.

Fujitsu first to offer solid state drives

Fujitsu have become the first PC manufacturer to offer flash based solid state drives as an extra in their LifeBook P1610 and B6210.

New PS3 firmware released

With the release of new firmware, Sony's PlayStation 3 will now be equipped with background downloading, better web browsing capabilities and its own Folding@Home client.

F@H SMP Open Beta For Windows!

F@H (folding at home) have released a beta version of their SMP Client. This SMP client gives more points but with much tighter deadlines.

Gecube show off new video cards

This year at CeBIT Gecube showed off some of their new toys. The first being a dual GPU X1650XT (left) capable of running four-way crossfire with 16 monitors.

Zalman launches 3D monitors

Cooling giant Zalman have moved into 3D monitors. The company will be releasing a 19-inch model targeted at gamers with a regular 1280×1024 resolution and a 22-inch widescreen version with a whopping resolution of 1680×1050.

AMD shrinks R600 to 65nm

AMD have managed to drop yet another bombshell shaving its upcoming R600 chip to 65nm.

Wii Outsells Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo's Wii is selling out both the PS3 and Xbox by significant numbers, and there's no signs of it slowing down.

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