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Nvidia’s Geforce 8600 revealed

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Posted March 15, 2007 by admin in News

There will be a GTS and GT model and both will be based on Nvidia’s G84 processor.

The GTS clocks in at 675 MHz on the core and has 256MB of GDDR3 running at 1000MHz. The suprise here is that it’s placed on a 128-bit memory controller, oh err… NVIDIA estimates total board power consumption at around 71-watts.

The GT core clock is 540 MHz and either 256 or 128MB of memory clocked at 700 MHz. Again, this the memory controller is just 128-bit. power consumption? i measely 43 Watts.

The amount of shaders and their respective clocks are unknown at present but i guestimate would be 64.

Below this will be the 8500GT but Nvidia has been very reluctant to release any information about this low end GPU. There is likely to be more information from Nvidia next quarter when they officially pull the wraps of these cards.

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