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Gecube show off new video cards

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Posted March 19, 2007 by admin in News

If this doesn’t sound like a killer gaming card, you are right, it isn’t. What the card excels at is many monitors in one slot, four in this case. It comes with the cabling to do four DVI ports in one slot, quite nice for multi-monitor rigs.

Gecube were also without hesitation to show off their upcommming AGP king, an overclocked X1950XT (right) running at 648Mhz.

So for those users that want a AGP perfromance part of this company will offer DirectX 10 boards based on RV610 and RV630. In fact there will even be an overclocked version of the RV630XT,which could even end up cooled by a combined heat-pipe peltier cooler.

Gecube’s dual X1650XT And the new AGP king

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