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AMD breaks teraflop barrier

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Posted March 2, 2007 by admin in News

At a press event in San Francisco, AMD showcased a system that broke the teraflop computing barrier – performance which is normally reserved for the supercomputing space. The system was running R600 CrossFire and a single dual-core Opteron capable of performing more than 1 trillion floating-point calculations per second using a general ?multiply-add? (MADD) calculation.

?The technology AMD demonstrated today is just one example of how the ?New? AMD is changing the game for our industry,? said Dave Orton, executive vice president of visual media business at AMD. ?Today, teraflop computing capability is largely reserved for the supercomputing space. But now that ?Teraflop-in-a-Box? is a reality, AMD can deliver an order of magnitude increase in performance.?

As of yet R600’s launch date is still not clear, it was recently set back from it’s original launch date of March 15th to at least the second quarter of ’07.

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