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20 must-have Firefox extensions

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Posted March 7, 2007 by admin in Internet

Every sane person uses firefox, right? If you’re new to the browser, or just want to see what extra functionality can be?had compared to Internet Explorer, you may find this ‘20 must have firefox extentions‘ article useful.

A freshly installed copy of Firefox is a great software package, but what makes this open-source browser so special is the ability to customize it via extensions and themes to really make it yours. The problem is, there are so many available add-ins, it’s tough to know what’s worth installing and what’s just going to junk up your system.

That’s where we come in. We’ve ferreted out 20 of the best extensions and add-ins used and recommended by hardcore Web surfers, developers and IT pros. Whether you’re looking for more streamlined surfing, improved look and feel, cool design tools or serious Web development help, there’s something (and more than likely several things) here for you.

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