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Archive for December 4th, 2021

Hardware Review Roundup 08/03/07

OCZ's Watercooled Flex XLC memory, Gainward 8800GTS Golden sample, Lian Li C31, X2 4800+ 65nm and much more from around the wibble today.

Mushkin Launch XP2-9200 5-5-4

Mushkin today have released the XP2-9200 modules which are available in 2GB dual-channel kits and 1GB single DIMMs.

Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra coming?

To combat R600 when it eventualy launches, Nvidia have been working on a new G80 based GPU to take over from the 8800 GTX.

Sony reenters the monitor market

A few years back Sony pulled out of the monitor market, but now they’re back, with the new Luma series. It should be pointed out that these screens are touted as high end units geared towards?those?involved in?video/photo editing and post production, etc. Knowing?Sony, and considering these are aimed at professionals, expect a price premium that makes Dell screens look like bargains.?

Samsung first with hybrid hard drives

The first hybrid hard drives seem ready to trickle in to retail soon, but before we can buy all buy them off the shelf they?ll appear in laptops, mainly because they use significantly less power than traditional hard drive technology. Hybrid drives use large amounts of flash memory instead of a traditional cache buffer found in current HDD’s which should boost performance in some areas, but they need OS support, and that means hybrid drives are currently Vista only. Acording to Samsung, its MH80 drives feature Samsung’s "ReadyBoot" (not ReadyBoost) technology that offers up to a 50 percent reduction in boot and resume times from traditional magnetic hard drives. In addition, the drive consumes 70-90 percent less power than a traditional hard drive, which extends the battery life by 30 minutes before a recharge is needed, the company said.

Emerging technologies from Microsoft

Cnet news has a video report from Microsoft’s annual TechFest, a conference where rsearch efforts are shown?at a single event?. In the video it shows a few new technologies currenty in developement, from a dramatic system to solve lag in online games, to a speaker at least 6 meteres wide, comprised of 40 driver units, go check it out here

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