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Catalyst 7.2 is now available

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Posted February 22, 2007 by admin in News

Highlights of the Catalyst 7.2 release include:

Performance improvements
OpenGL performance improves for all ATI Radeon X1000 series products under Windows Vista. Gains of up to 25% in Doom 3, 48% in Quake 4 and 21% in Prey can be seen on a variety of ATI Radeon X1000 cards.

New features
Catalyst 7.2 introduces the new version of the Catalyst Control Center for Windows XP (released for Windows Vista in Catalyst 7.1), delivering:
– Significant performance gains; Catalyst Control Center start-up time has been substantially reduced, and overall responsiveness has improved.
– Reduced system resource usage
– New 3D static preview ? significantly improves the ability for users to understand the benefits of enabling the many Catalyst features of their ATI Radeon graphics accelerator
– Increased stability

Highlights of the Linux Catalyst 7.2 (8.34.8) release include:

Resolved Issues
– A system hang no longer occurs when attempting to resume from hibernation mode.
– Loading the XVideo Extension on 64-bit Xorg 6.9+ systems no longer results in the X Server segfaulting when launching. This issue was known to occur with ATI Radeon X1000 products.
– Running aticonfig–dtop=(horizontal|vertical) no longer results in clone mode being activated when attempting to enable big desktop mode.
– Running through the un-install of the Linux graphics driver no longer results in the fglx and ati folders failing to be removed.

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